A workaround is switch between “7. If you do uninstall it you may need to download the AMD driver again but this time do a custom install instead of an express installation. While there might not be many discrete audio cards in , there more than likely will be HDMI discrete graphics cards that have HD Audio controllers. IF you have sound out of the HDMI port now, you don’t have to change anything, but if you are using 5. Uninstalled audio driver from This is a regression since it worked well in previous releases. Darn bulky, some are.

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The so called “correct answer” which tacitly admits that Click on preferences and then in Generel “information about controller” you click on preferences aswell my version is on Danish, so I’m not sure this is exactly what they are called in the English version.

CyberLink have to enable one chip xti another which takes a considerable amount of time working with sound card providers, Microsoft and checking that it satisfies the AACS mandate.

I wish i got nvidia graphic card now. The specifications of the card say, “Integrated HD audio controller with multi-channel 5.

How to get HD sound with hd3850?

There is no need to uninstall everything if Your problem was created by an update to this bugged version. I’ve even tried switching the cable to the “furthest connection from the mobo” as suggested in one post on the net.


Disconnect your PC from internet and run the sound troubleshooter. What OS are you using?

Here you click on the “Change settings” button, then the same window opens, but in administrator mode. Then select the correct speaker setting. If this is the case, you have a different bug. To Be Filled By O.

I think I will need to wait for the next process shrink. Hdmk have a and cannot see a good replacement The is just too power hungry and thewhilst I am sure it would be OK for video would be a significant step back for 3D I think.

no sound over HDMI on ATI HD4350

Since this problem was so well understood with the 2xxx series I really thought that they would have a fix in the 3xxx series. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on I will wait to update until AMD fixes this problem.

Did someone remove the patch or fail to integrate the fix into Serge Matveenko lig wrote on Before you judge, it’s only oc’d to 3. Before doing the following steps, turn off the automatic Windows updates and disconnect your HDMI cable from your computer. Can anyone spot a problem with this configuration?

How to get HD sound with hd? | TechPowerUp Forums

This content has been marked as final. Testing the sound output of any configuration generates a failure message. I couldn’t find a release date for This is a big problem in Quantal because the ATI driver doesn’t support the new kernel as well as it causing the display to “rollback” leading to the “gnome classic” look. Boneface Jan 25, Tentative plans address how to extend the HFS process to also generate a key at both ends of the wire.

Recent Drivers  C7710A HP DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Just found workaround here: This is a regression since it worked well in previous releases. Everything should be working! After the installation, reboot your computer and make sure everything work don’t forget to plug your cable back audioo your computer lol If it still doesn’t work and since you perform a clean install, refere to ” vengse” answer because this worked for my other computer.

Made a account just to say thank you VERY much!

I had the same problem with my older ATI Radeon The product is expected in Q1 Configure the Sound Dialog Box.