If you actually have a floppy drive, you’ll have to flash these images onto floppy disks. Needed pure MS-DOS disk images to teach a strong foundation in using computers in general, and to build from there into current technologies while showing ties and connections to the legendary MS-DOS along the way, once again, glad I found this site. Email Required, but never shown. Noah kirsle posted on March 16, Funny they’re still called floppies when real floppies disappeared long before these came out. If you have the supplemental disk, you can put that into the same directory too. Thus, the computer is rendered useless.

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MS-DOS & Software

Echo Off And the second line this: So I managed to fix reading problem by copying to hard drive and reading from there I’ve also tried to create one from scratch. Michael posted on May 13, EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded. Noah Tyson posted on May 15, I use an old engraving dc that is controlled by PCrunning win3.


Any answers to that. It looks like you’re new here. Maybe not a long term solution, but that could help to determine where the stability issue exists.

However, that does not help me considering that I am unable to do anything with the computer once the driver loads. Sure, the PCs today are better but not faster for the work I was doing.

MS-DOS CD install? — WinWorld

Jeffrey Tan posted on October 29, No matter the good old days were the best! Soon the net will only be for the rich!!! Gonzo posted on September 16, Anonymous posted on January 5, I will try it out.

ks The fun part of 6. You can start up Windows and use File Manager to see all the drive letters for sure. Thanks for these 3.

Fd Hey, I did not know you could tell me a program to format floppys. Its running on a W power supply, and i am unsure about if you need a certain amount to boot off of it.

MS-DOS 6.22 CD install?

cc Copy the driver file with: Ultimately the plan is to go to 98SE but I’m going with the Upgrades 95 and 98 after 3. BAT and add the following line at the bottom: Persian Rock Star posted on September 20, Josh in Nebraska posted on March 3, I would probably be attempting it on a windows host, unless I get a spare computer besides my business systems. Pietrr posted on August 4, I’m using a real computer, not a virtual machine.


Anonymous Coward posted on April 7, This will restart your computer and begin the setup program. The effect is particularly noticeable when going into Windows 3. Noah kirsle posted on June 26, You can keep your game I prefer the old way pay once not twice for software. Noah kirsle posted on November 28,