Power Saver Mode To reduce the power consumption of the machine in standby, select the time period to turn OFF the high temperature fuser unit when the printer is idle. Page 60 Thank you for calling. These parameters, listed in the Parameter Table, are preset for you and do not need to be changed. The machine stores the document, then prints the copies. If you are replacing the Drum Unit or Toner Cartridge, it is recommended to clean the Printer Roller to maintain good printing quality.

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To uf-940 up the One- Touch keys, see page When the Print Collation Mode is enabled, all received documents are stored into memory first, then printed out in Correct Order Stacking. Enter the start time from the keypad and panaax Use a 4-digit, hour clock 2 3 3 Facsimile Operating Instructions UF Options UE Before operating this equipment, please read these instructions completely and keep these operating instructions for future reference.

Page 45 Memory Transmission Multi-Station Transmission Broadcasting If you have to send the same document s to multiple stations, you can save time in feeding the document panaffax by using memory transmission. Don’t have an account?

Panasonic Panafax UF Specs – CNET

Redialing Sending Documents Redialing Automatic Redialing If a busy line is detected, the machine will redial the number up to 5 times at 3 minutes interval. Use Memory Transmission if: Power Saver Mode To reduce the power consumption of the machine in standby, select the time period to turn OFF the high temperature fuser unit when the printer is idle.


If you receive a fax call, follow the procedure below to receive documents manually.

You can select the condition to print out the Communication Journal as follows. To enter a One-Touch key, follow the steps below See Note 1 Enter the telephone number up to 36 digits including pauses and spaces.

Supplies for Panasonic Panafax UF-490

Don’t show me this message again. The default functions can be adjusted depending on your office requirements. Be sure to set the polling password before polling. Check the Reception mode setting. However, the effective scanning width is 8.

To program an abbreviated dialing number, see page If you want to confirm the number of stations you have Memory Transmission Reservation Multi-Tasking If your machine is on-line busy transmitting from memory, receiving or printing received documents, you can reserve a transmission by the following procedure. If the file is a Timer Controlled Communication, the start time is panafad in this column.

NOTE Set document s face down. Recording Paper Specifications Panaffax general, most photocopy papers will also work very well. Do not break off the earth ground prong to fit a 2 prong outlet.

To use these dialing methods, you must first store the telephone number using the following procedure. See Note 2 1 ur-490 1 1 Dial by any combination of the following methods: Important Safety Instructions denotes hazards that could result in minor injury or damage to the machine.


Panasonic UF-490 Operating Instructions Manual

The ability to store full phone numbers into the dialer and then utilizing a short series of Abbreviated Number keystrokes to speed dial that number in the future. These keys are useful if you frequently need to send or poll the same group of stations. Page 48 Sending Documents Direct Transmission Abbreviated Dialing Direct Transmission Abbreviated dialing is a speedy way to dial a frequently dialed telephone number by preprogramming the telephone number into the built-in auto-dialer with a 2-digit abbreviated code.

An electronic image enhancement Panasonic Super Smoothing that will create a particular pattern for the improvement of copy quality.

Basic Transmission Settings General Description You can temporarily change the transmission settings either before or after you place the document on the ADF. If you do want to make a change, read the table carefully.

Enter the telephone number, press Sub-Address up panafaz 20 digits. And then continue to enter the station name. The copy will be reduced automatically depending on the length of the original document. The maximum document width that can be sent through the machine is