Or you could purchase the said equipment off eBay and pay a fair premium for it, without many guarantees on condition. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. The machine itself was an old Pentium 4 with Windows Professional. In 26 hours , the disk was fully recovered after about 12, retries in total. History of hard disk drives. So, how hard can it be to make a Syquest co-operate?

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SyQuest Technology

They probably went to the grave with the eyquest although maybe someone e. This is a box of 5 disks. Unfortunately, this upgraded the file format, meaning syquewt getting it to open in 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 5 July You might think you can speed it up by sticking a cartridge inbut alas, with my drive, the heads seem to be a bit dirty and the disks a touch difficult to read — so instead it takes almost just as long as it tries to read the sectors and either slowly reports them or gives up.

Luckily, I have a machine here dedicated for recoveries. Well, that was a fun little trip.

Tech Flashback: SyQuest SQ 88Mb Removable Hard Disks | Gough’s Tech Zone

Only under Linux was the system persistent enough to wait for the drive to recover the data — ultimately we spent anywhere from hours recovering whatever was readable from 88Mb. If the software was backed up to cartridge, exporting to video could be tricky from within Mac OS […]. Seeing as it was a genuine request, I was very much interested and replied the same day e-mail trimmed to save reading:.


Guaranteed by Tue, Nov Quite an achievement indeed for your hardware to be that important that they merit inclusion in a boot floppy where space is at a premium. Once connected, Windows had no difficulty seeing the drive and showing it as a removable disk drive. Its earliest product family of 3.

Well, what can I say? Was it low level format damage?

Project: A long fogotten Syquest cartridge visits …

No drivers were required since it conforms to the SCSI standards, however, there were some utilities that sent special commands to the drive for low level formatting and diagnostics, but these are no longer available.

But this was different. I was told it still works. I worked at SyQuest in syqiest inside sales department. Unfortunately, as it is a raw image file, it will not be accessible on the PC, however, you can double click on it on your Mac to mount the cartridge image and explore the files directly.

SyQuest Technology

Some sites did have some discouraging news though — and these drives are beginning to be quite rare. Item has been tested to power on.

In my case, I set retries to 20, and had it spit the log file out so we can resume in case of power failure. Convenient hookup to any PC laptop or system. Their drives syqiest a metal, rigid magnetic media, making the drive function like a hard drive — except that the cartridges were enclosed in a plastic shell, either the size of a thick floppy or a CD-ROM in a caddy.

Recent Drivers  CAMEDIA 2100 DRIVER

December 19, at 2: If you boot Linux without a cartridge inserted, it may have difficulty with recognizing the physical media format. Hi Pat, Thanks for dropping by to leave the comment. The company was named partially after the founder because of a company meeting wherein it was decided that “SyQuest” ought to be a shortened name for “Sy’s Quest”.

Next was a DB from the card to Centronics cable to the external case housing the Syquest drive. Defunct computer companies of the United Syqiest Defunct computer hardware companies Companies established in Private equity portfolio companies establishments in the United States.

The biggest problem for most people is that the cartridges have to be stored in special, SyQuest-supplied cases to prevent damage. But it seems that it actually had a reputation quite the opposite — being reputed to syyquest very speedy as well as reliable. The only thing I would have done differently, if practical, would be to have gotten a known blank cartridge for the initial spinup: Carry a 3 oz.