It really made me chuckle evilly when I opened the box and pulled it out. And to that end, it has been successful with the Cintiq. But I was hoping that would work! Box Coupland, TX Steve B , May 17, No, create an account now.

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For years, I’ve incorporated a 12xinch Wacom Tablet Digitizer 2 so old that it’s no longer listed on the company’s Web 18ex in my work.

Cintiq 18SX LCD tablet | Tablet4U

I installed the latest driver listed for my Wacom Display, 6. This is not a software specific problem, it’s even reflected in the wacom properties when I try to adjust the sensiticity.

The Wacom Tablet pane in the System Preferences would not open, so I could not calibrate the stylus and cursor, but the cursor was aligned with the stylus point enough to allow ckntiq to edit my photographs.

I can see how the new device would fit well with visual arts, film and video, and character animation applications.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: All content is the property of VolluzPhoto.

Problem solved, I will have the seller replace the pen ASAP, and learn to live without pressure till then! Each time I accessed an application’s toolbar menu on the Cintiq, however, the sacom menu was hidden by my hand.


Wacom Cintiq 18SX and Yosemite

I would assume that wwcom would use the latest driver listed for their tablet or display. In time, I could adapt to the system physically, but there was a learning curve in that regard. I also swapped out the nib. Not wcaom any cintiq pen will work right? He said he will send me a “softer” grip pen. Plugged it in, let the computer recognize the screen, downloaded the latest driver from Wacom, plugged in the USB connector, and essentially was off and running after I finished calibrating and setting my key commands for the pen buttons.

I used different parts of this thread and, after the 18SX stopped working today, was able to re-install the drivers using the following technique. I was wondering if it makes sense 18sz there’s just more for my xt to do, with an external monitor and external Wacom pad to look after, and that that might have some part to play in this?

Wacom Cintiq 18SX

Help Which tablet do I have? But I was hoping that would work!

Just got off customer service line with Wacom, and it turns out I have a faulty pressure sensor in the 18wx. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: It really made me chuckle evilly when I 18sz the box and pulled it out. I normally keep the Cintiq turned off and unplugged so I can use the Thunderbolt port for another monitor, and only plug in the Cintiq when I need to edit images. At the same time, a small groove in the Cintiq held the cord out of the way of the screen. I run mine currently as an extended desktop.


The eraser has full pressure sensitivity, so I don’t think it is the driver.

Its weight is such that it’s not conducive to working with it in your lap for long periods. The two combined lead to a nice tactile feel. I emptied the trash and restarted. Can be connected to a laptop computer.

Share On Facebook Tweet It. The problem with the Cintiq 18SX is the driver. My view of Wacom is that it strives to emulate the traditional drawing environment.

Jan 2, Please let us know how it goes dual screening in different art programs, I am really curious to see how much trouble you run into with the two drivers running. Here’s a link to Nvidia’s page showing the difference between the two, http: